Clarity and control

Offshore wind has been identified as a major contributor to the world’s post Covid economic recovery. Entropia is committed to support the continued growth of this green energy source through the deployment of reliable and effective critical communications.

Critical voice and data to track, monitor and

eliminate hazards

Entropia is proud to be a part of the global energy solution as specialists in mission critical communications

All offshore operations are challenging. Here at Entropia we fully understand these challenges allowing our highly experienced digital communication professionals to focus on delivering the ultimate solutions. Offshore wind farms are exposed to extremely harsh environments: sea water, high winds, powerful waves and extreme temperatures. We are committed to provide the most resilient and reliable communications to make this hazardous marine landscape safer for personnel arriving by sea or by air.

The wind farms we support, as with all offshore operations, are out of the range of commercial network coverages. As such we have expanded our own resilient national networks by connecting them with TETRA base stations via submarine fibre optic cables to provide reliable, fast and flexible voice and data communications.

TETRA is the global standard for digital trunked mobile radio. It was developed to meet the needs of the most demanding sectors to include public safety, the military, governments, and oil & gas. Its technology delivers the highest quality audio in the harshest of weather conditions, has safety features such as man down and lone worker, and can tolerate salt water.

We deploy Push-to-Talk radio systems to our client’s offshore platforms enabling users to talk directly with one other user or a group of users at the touch of a button. Should it be needed, there is an emergency call button to alert the control room and key individuals allowing them to make time critical decisions.

As we own our own network, we have optimal control over the primary business processes to guarantee flawless connectivity and availability. Instant clear communications is key to our clients’ safety and by owning the network we can assure them complete security as only authorised users have access.

Entropia offshore communications and IoT
Entropia Butterfly
Remote workforce communications
Entropia Butterfly

Connecting your remote

workforce to your
control room

Overseeing real-time operations is a vital role for offshore wind control rooms. Personnel must be kept safe and the turbines’ performance monitored.

Entropia established the ComBus control room system to offer even more flexibility to its customers. This application can be installed on a TETRA radio or a smartphone using broadband networks and WiFi.

High quality audio
Individual and group calls
Unlimited network coverage
Rugged IP rated equipment
Personnel tracking
Control room insight
Safety features
Critical voice and data
Call setup in under 300ms
Interoperability (4G, 5G, Lte)

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